About us

OUR GOALS AND VISIONS swedish-flag.jpg
The goals and visions of Promarch is to give all children and youths tools that will help them to find purpose and direction in their unique lives and develop a vision of themselves that goes beyond thought patterns of poverty, failure, misery, hard struggle, and defeat. As no one rises to low expectations, our objective is to raise young people’s awareness about the greatness they have within, that they all are bestowed with gifts, talents, and experiences that matters and  can be cultivated and used as inspiration for others. Inspirational workshops and seminars is one of the two pillars of the organisation. The other pillar is based on activities more directed to initiate self-sustainable sources of income for the youth. However, the mission of Promarch is much more than a one-way form of training where foreign ideas and techniques are imposed on local people. Instead we want to build on already available local self-sustainable techniques, promoting a give-and-take interaction of life-empowering experiences among young people from all around the world.

When we write well-being, we refer broadly to the ability to enjoy life, to feel fulfilled, safe and secure. Following The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), five dimensions are included in our definition of well-being:
- subsistence (health, nutrition, clean water and shelter)
- economic (to earn an income, to consume and to have assets)
- cultural and spiritual (pride in community, confidence, spiritual freedom, education)
- environmental services (environmental stability, provision of natural resources)
- political (issues of governance and influence in decision-making processes)

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