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PROMARCH ORGANISATION/AZMAJ SERVICE: envision a conducive learning environment for Nigerian youth with preparing today`s pupils/student for tomorrow`s communities and workplaces in Africa and across the globe.  Our strategic direction is further defined by the following priorities, which guide our work and support an increased commitment to superior quality education in Nigeria, Africa and around the globe with an objective to:

  1. Transform our Nigerian educational institutions to a competitive level in comparison with other countries of the world today.

  2. Enhance capacity buiding of our educational system to support Nigerian educational philosophy and Institution.

  3. Create a climate of innovation and continuous improvement in educational institutions in the world at large.

We offer  the following range of educational services and products world wide for educators, parents, institution and individuals:

  • EARLY EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIES SERVICES:  Promarch Organisation/AZmaj Service supply education technology for young people and we have a service section that supplies an innovative software games, inspired storytelling, art and crafts for kids, awarenessinteractive games, all about life science interactive activities, math QUIZ interactive games language and adenture games, Pick-A-Trick matching letters and sound interactive games that make learning easy and interesting for children.  A major part of our resources is tailor towards providing the best educational toys to kids to engage them in learning.  We guarantee that with our educational toys, and software game for children the child will learn and have fun while playing,  These interactive tools will also give the child a competitive edge in learning fast and in developing a high IQ.


    • OVERSEA/INTERNATIONAL SUMMER PROGRAM: This program offers pre university /college programs for young talented Nigerian and African high school students.  Through these programs the students will experience the excitement of college life and by taking college courses in reowned universities in Europe, United State, Canada etc. they will have an unforgettable, life-changing summer oversea experience.  This program service is tailored towards youngsters who have completed their secondary schoool.  Our prospective student for this program must demonstrate high academic ability, maturity and intellectual curiosity necessary to undertake college level work abroad. This service is offered both to secondary schools and high school students in order to give them the opportunities to accomplish their high school education in a unique international environment and immerse them into a university undergraduate atmosphere as early as possible.  The program duration varies  from country to country, as the above mentioned program takes place in various countries.  The program courses consist of computer science, business studies, accounting, social science, engineering, urban studies, mathematics, English, Art courses such as visual Arts.



  • INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANT SERVICE:  This service is tailored towards finding financial aid, international university and college scholarship to Nigerian and African students wishing to study abroad.  The service will provide them with the most comprehensive options, including, grants and scholarship to assist them in pursuing their desired study.  In addition Promarch Organisation/Azmaj service maintains a long term database collection of many different available scholarships across the world.  Through researching and continually updates we can also offer individual solutions and suggest available grants and scholarship.  From past records we have had an 85% success rate in helping to secure international scholarships to our clients.


  • TALENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SKILLS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE: This is another program provided by Promarch Organisation/Azmaj Service aiming at helping young people between the year of 18 to 25 to get access to training and skill development in major universities in Europe, US and Canada in order to develop their business acumen and skills.  This is a six month program that provides the participant with concepts of business management and finance and which gives them professional foundational business skills so that they will be able to run their own successfully business enterprise anywhere in the world.  This also qualifies them for some bachelor program in business administration in some Europeans countries.


  •  ENTRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAINING PROGRAM FOR BUSINESS EXECUTIVE:  This program is a training program for business executives in Europe and US, for serious focus minded business executives to develop knowledge and skills in the fields of new product service development, new venture creation and small family business management.  The courses in this training program will be able to implement the creative and innovative  process in a variety of context, prepare detail business and build appropriate financial statements and have an in-depth understanding of various funding and finance for new business and how to raise them, critically evaluate and develop their own business idea for possible exploitation.  This training program is a one to two week long program for entrepreneurs, business development directors, schools directors, managers or communication directors.  


For those who are interested in any of the above mention services or program should contact our Nigeria Representative 

             Kazeem Abiodun AKANJI(ACA)

             Tel: +2348066893179



   Office:-25 Eromosele Avenue,

                  Opposite Church Laketu, 

                                              Lucky Fibre Bus Stop, Ikorodu-Lagos          

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