Micro Agro Enterprises Among Youth In The Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Nasarawa, one of Nigeria's most impoverished states, has a large number of unemployed youth. Poverty and growing dissatisfaction among the younger population has contributed to the escalation of conflicts between different ethnic groups. To reverse this trend, Promarch has bought land suitable for agriculture along the road between Nyanya and Abjua and set up small-scale agricultural production units. Youths from different ethnic groups (half of them women) will be learning the three major steps of production: 1. the cultivation of the raw material, 2. theprocessing of the raw material into a finished product (the processing / packaging / label), and 3. the distribution and marketing of the final product. Our aim is that the youth will acquire both a well-functioning production unit that can render them a stable income and a solid understanding of how to find relevant agrarian information.








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