The Promotion Of African Cultural Groups

Promarch supports the promotion of African cultural groups abroad. The aim is to enable different cultural groups to gain national and international recognition, encourage cultural diversity, as well as to open up new paths for financial opportunities and networking in an increasingly globalized world.


Presently, Promarch is planning for a major festival, The Yoruba-Edo Kogi Cultural Trade Fair Festival, which will be be held in Benin City, Nigeria. A large group of diverse artists from Ogun, Oyo, Edo and Kogi states will perform and demonstrate their art skills. The purpose of the festival is to support and encourage cultural groups and promote cultural diversity, cooperation and exchanges in southwestern Nigeria. This is extremely important as the above states have different cultural traditions and many people lack an understanding of neighbouring cultural traditions. By opening up new possibilities for interaction between artists in the above states, networking and cultural understanding will be enhanced, as well as inter-regional trade.



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