The Global Youth Opportunity Center


Promarch is working with setting up Global Youth Opportunity Centers around the world. The overall objective of this project is to open up new and innovative pathways between youth in different countries. A more specific aim is to create intercultural platforms where the youth together can explore and develop their interests and skills in different aspects of sustainability (social, economic, and environmental). The project will also provide the youth with new employment opportunities, thereby reducing unemployment and dissatisfaction among the youth. 

At the Gobal Youth Opportunity Center in Abuja, Nigeria, the youth will get financial help to start up and run their own small agro-businesses, using available local, sustainable and cheap techniques. The youth at the center will also run a small café where locally produced snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are sold. At the center there will be a compartment for donated second-hand clothes and items that the youth will distribute to orphanages and impoverished  people in the vicinity. At the center there will also be leisure facilities such as a pool game and computers. The youth at the Global Youth Opportunity Center will also regularly be visited by Swedish volunteers from the Global Youth Opportunity Center in Sweden (see below).

The Global Youth Opportunity Center in Skärholmen, Sweden will provide youths (those with residence, those without and asylumseekers) with a place where they can learn, work and socialize. At the center they will not only be given a meaningful leisure time, but also semi-skilled work training when it comes to running an ecological café, a store where fairtrade goods are sold, and a second-hand shop. The youth at the center will be responsible for the cooking, baking, and other commercial activities related to the café. They will also be responsible for displaying and selling fairtrade goods from Nigeria and other countries, as well as for collecting, sorting, and selling clothes in the second-hand store (some of it that later will be sent down to their youth counterpart in Nigeria). The center will also have its own allotment for cultivation where the youth can cultivate fresh and organic vegetables for the café. A pool game and computer facilities will also be available at the center. After the age of 18 the Swedish youth can, if they want, go down to work as volunteers in Nigeria, helping their counterpart in their businesses and at the center, getting valuable experiences in the field of development, sustainablity, and aid work.

If you are interested in participating or donating to the project, please contact:

Victor Folajin, Principal Consultant, Promarch
Telephone:+ 46737211640
Email: [javascript protected email address]

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